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  • Investment in esports: How to begin? Which Esports Teams and Games will suit your brand.
  • Events: How to create or sponsor an esports event, competition or league.
  • Marketing: Demographic Insight and analytics. Where can you best reach your target audience.

We’re here to discuss any bespoke ideas or esports projects you may have.

antonios kyloCon Constantacos

Antonios « KyloCon » CONSTANTACOS
US Esports Consultant & Events Coordinator (West Coast)

Info about your Stakrn USA contact:

Antonios is an Esports Consultant with over 10 years of experience as a competitive gamer since 2001:

  • 8 years MoHAA/ Call of Duty Pro Gamer
  • Participated in several international tournaments, both online and LAN, organized more than 40 localized grassroot tournaments around Greece, was adminstrator for the online community forums for Call of Duty in Greece for over 6 years.
  • 5 Years World of Warcraft Hardcore Gamer in Top World Guilds
  • Raided with: Ascendance (World 8th in 2015), Slash Cry (World 10th in 2011), Immersion (World 10th in 2012), Lorekeepers (World Top 50) – Raid Leader
  • Was Co-GM and/or Officer in some other guilds. Raid Leader in some guilds as well.
Antonios has extensive knowledge about this booming sector of the gaming industry.Having participated in it since it’s early days, he understands its foundation, growth potential and the unique elements of the ecosystem and each of its communities. After graduating from Les Roches, a top Hospitality Management school in Switzerland and spending a decade in the Hospitality and Logistics Management industry, he decided to leave it all behind, move to the U.S. and pursue a career in the industry which is his true passion; competitive gaming (esports).

Tony loves the vibe around esports events, competitive gamers and the excited audiences and works tirelesssly towards bringing great events to life with his partners/clients. He also consults on creative and authentic ways of approaching the different communities within esports, to drive growth and success for organizers, brands and sponsors. 

Tony takes pride in being a loyal team member and is a goal orientated, passion driven individual. His background in Hospitality and Logistics Management, adds versatility to his skillset. Feel free to contact me if you need help with your esports ventures.

1 (213) 271-8559