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  • Investment in esports: How to begin? Which Esports Teams and Games will suit your brand.
  • Events: How to create or sponsor an esports event, competition or league.
  • Marketing: Demographic Insight and analytics. Where can you best reach your target audience.

We’re here to discuss any bespoke ideas or esports projects you may have.

john armstrong esports

Head of Stakrn UK
Advisory Board Member

Infos about your Stakrn UK contact:

John Armstrong has over 20 years experience in tech and gaming. In that time he has worked on projects covering mobile entertainment/games, video games and the gambling industry and has worked alongside (and created business agreements with) companies as diverse as the BBC, MTV, ITV, Manchester Utd (and other EPL clubs),, ICC Cricket, Cartoon Network, 32Red, Microgaming, IMG, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and more.
Whilst working in the games and entertainment fields John has amassed a large black book of associates, friends and contacts which have since become 
the business group World Gaming Executives. The network now has over 50,000 members, including 30,000+ in the LinkedIn group of that name here.
John also owns a number of more specifically esports related networks:


All of these networks will be integral to locate partners for clients looking to enter the mobile, video gaming and esports space. John, his team and associates will be pleased to hear from you via email or phone and more than happy to discuss your aspiration or plans to join the future of gaming.
“Critical Force recently invited John (at Esportz) to join our team to represent us in a Business Development consulting capacity at GDC.  John subsequently remained in the US (LA/Las Vegas) for 3 months to create business relationships that would assist the growth of our mobile esports title Critical Ops.
As a business development consultant for the esports and games industry, I highly recommend John to you..” 
Veli-Pekka Piirainen, Founder, CEO at Critical Force Ltd

Recent Clients

  • Celtic Esports league (Ireland/UK)
  • University of Salford (UK)
  • Millennial Esports Corp (US)
  • Stakrn (France)
  • Critical Force (Finland)
  • KAMK (Finland)

Are you interested in Esports Sponsorship?

As with most sporting event or team sponsorship it is similarly important to establish in esports who you are trying to reach and the budget you have to reach them. 
Higher profile teams, players and events have larger audiences (often global) and therefore can be expensive.
However it is possible for newly interested sponsors to ‘dip a toe in the water’ of esports sponsorship without it necessarily costing a fortune and it is here that 
Stakrn UK can assist in providing insightful and useful advice to help make the best decision on where to test your budget to reach your preferred territory & demographic.
The most likely sectors to potentially sponsor are:

  • Players
  • Teams
  • Leagues
  • Events
  • Arenas
  • In Game
  • Streamers
  • Other Media
All of the above being said if you have a considerable esports marketing or sponsorship budget we can also help you with that too.. and if you are looking for something more out of the ordinary but esports related, we have many new and exciting opportunities arising every day, from esports TV shows to esports/sports crossovers.


John Armstrong

Media City Salford

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