Ubisoft unveils its Rainbow Six: Siege development strategy

Ubisoft unveils its Rainbow Six: Siege development strategy
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Ubisoft has just unveiled the esports program for Rainbow Six: Siege. A Major with 16 of the best teams from around the world will be held in Paris next August.

Three weeks before the « Six Invitational » of Montreal on Rainbow Six: Siege – which has made a lot of talk in recent days with a vote on Twitter to qualify a last team, the French of Vitality finally – Ubisoft, the developer of the game, has just officialized the esports program of the coming months. The Pro League will consist of two seasons of six months each, from June to November and December to May. Each season will end with finals with the top eight teams of the season, two from each region: Asia-Pacific, Europe, South and North America, »a statement said.

But above all, Ubisoft announced the annual organization of a Major in August, with 16 teams from around the world and $350,000 in cash prize money. And for the first edition, Paris will be hosting the tournament, even if the venue has not yet been announced.

Until then, the French structures of Vitality and Supremacy will travel to Canada from February 13 to 18 for the « Six Invitational » and half a million dollars in prize pool.

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