Community Voting as a Promotion Lever for Ubisoft and R6S

Community Voting as a Promotion Lever for Ubisoft and R6S
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The last place that will be awarded for the Rainbow Six Invitational is the one decided by the community vote and Team Vitality is still in the race.

Following the first vote on Twitter for each region of the world, the Vitality have won the European category, but there is one last step to take, the world vote opposing the 4 winners from each region.

For Europe it’s the Vitality Team, for Latin America it’s the Brazilians of BRK e-Sports, for North America it’s the Flipsid3 Tactics and finally for the Asia-Pacific zone, it’s Mantis FPS.


The match is played only between the Brazilian team and the French team, the other two being completely out of play. The two teams who can compete for this guest spot at the Rainbow Six Invitational are shoulder to shoulder and this vote mobilizes all the actors of the esport scene, but not only from both continents.

Many French influencers gave their support to the Vitality and encouraged voting, first of all the various members of the structure but also other big names in the French video game industry.

The group stage is:

Outstanding publicity for the Rainbow 6 Siege game, and a vote that unleashes crowds. This is part of the reason why Vitality remains in the race, because the European Rainbow 6 community is not as important as the Brazilian community. Players in Brazil are considered as real stars, and their fame is very important.

Ubisoft therefore struck hard with this principle of community voting to allocate the last place in Group A. Twitter being the privileged social network in the esport, virality took on a rather crazy scale in a few hours.

After France 98, will the Brazilians take revenge?

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