Twitch and Social Media Service Pulse

Twitch and Social Media Service Pulse
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Twitch have announced the release of Twitch Pulse, a way for streamers to connect with viewers through Twitch when they’re not streaming.

The new service will enable streamers to post schedules, updates, videos and images on Twitch that their followers will be able to see and comment on.

When logged in, Pulse will appear on a user’s home page, showing posts made by any channels they follow. Pulse will also be added to the Twitch mobile app.

The feature will allow the immensely popular streaming platform to develop into a more multi-functional social media site for its sizable user-base.

The most popular streamers have millions of followers on Twitch, but until now they’ve always been forced to use the likes of Twitter and Facebook to interact with them whenever they’re not actively streaming.

The move will also help Twitch to consolidate their position as the premiere streaming service.

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