Esports and Traditional Sports

Esports and Traditional Sports
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Old school esports folks may not want to see traditional and esports mix–it’s going to happen anyways.

Esports tournaments used to be played in the ballrooms of hotels, school cafeterias, and basements in the houses of players everywhere. There was no money to be had, no media coverage, and often times left the organizer with less money than when they started. Hence, all the stories of not being able to pay the players or teams that were there.

All that is changing as esports is one of the biggest growing industries on the planet. According to a report by CNN, esports global revenue is expected to top $1 Billion or one thousand million dollars by 2019. Enormous.

Growth is good right? Not for some.

There is a core group of the old guard, OG if you will, that sees the encroachment of traditional sports as an abomination upon the scene. And I get it. What’s to like about bigger salaries, health benefits, great venues, gaming houses, coaches, sports psychologists, TV exposure, fame, fortune, and more opportunities for more people to make a living in esports? All horrible, right? Kappa.

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