Innovate With Creative TeamBuilding

A Fun and Unique Experience For Your Employees

Stakrn, 1st accelerator of projects and business 100% eSport & Gaming, is a company based in France and offering its services in Europe and North America. To cope with the strong demand from brands, sports clubs, associations and administrations wishing to know more about the eSports sector, Stakrn has set up customized TeamBuilding sessions.

Through a detailed analysis of your objectives, we organize and animate days designed to strengthen the cohesion of your teams, to develop team spirit, to face a crisis or a merger, or to manage the stress of your employees. The goal is to create new links within your company through playful, motivating, surprising and gaming-oriented experiences.

 Explore the incentive concept of TeamBuilding through eSports & Gaming, to strengthen your teams and imagine new powerful strategies

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