Team Oplon partners with Stakrn Agency for its business development

Team Oplon partners with Stakrn Agency for its business development
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Headquartered in Montpellier and Manchester, Stakrn’s mission is to promote the esports industry and develop business opportunities at international level.

One of Stakrn’s entities, the esports agency « Stakrn Agency » is more specifically dedicated to supporting brands (endemic or otherwise), traditional sports clubs, investors and esports teams, by assisting them to find strategic partners, investors and sponsors according to their projects.

One of the biggest French Esports organisations from the recent past, InFamouS eSport, was dissolved on 10 March 2016 due to lack of financial resources. A news story that surprised and shocked many in the pro-gaming industry.  InFamouS eSport certainly it’s mark on the French esports scene with its many successes in major games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty and Battlefield.

Like many esports enthusiasts, Boris Bergerot, co-founder and President of Stakrn, was eagerly awaiting the return to the stage of the former InFamous eSport, resurrected under the tag Team Oplon.

Baptiste Vasse, CEO of Team Oplon, now wants to professionalize his new talented team to the highest degree in order to perform as serious contenders on the esports scene. To achieve this Team Oplon will work together with Stakrn Agency on the organisation’s exciting revival.

Stakrn Agency will support Team Oplon to establish contacts with key industry players that will stimulate it’s required development; particularly in the search for partners, sponsors and investors, but also to implement relevant actions to achieve international influence.

With Kappa, Feed and Stakrn Agency, the organisation Team Oplon will no doubt rapidly progress under these professional conditions to the satisfaction and entertainment of it’s ever increasing fan-base.

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Stakrn is a french company, with a worldwide staff, dedicated to promote eSports & Gaming industries and to generate opportunities within this space. With global services, Stakrn allows : - professionals to reach new partners and enhance their business ( - brands and eSports actors to make efficient sponsorship strategies ( - eSports event organizing: conferences, consulting, teambuilding....