Supercell acquires 62% of Space Ape

Supercell acquires 62% of Space Ape
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Finnish mobile giant Supercell has made a significant investment in the UK development scene, acquiring a majority stake in Space Ape Games.

The Clash of Clans creator has acquired 62% of the company in a deal that has been valued at $55.8m, valuing the studio as a whole at $90m. The remaining 38% still belongs to Space Ape. The deal has been described as a « long-term partnership », and crucially will see Space Ape continue to operate independently – albeit now with the backing of a mobile gaming behemoth.

« Supercell is a turbocharge to our business. They’re going to be able to help us in some ways that are really superpowers unique to their size and stature within the games industry – be that helping us land a world-class licence that maybe we couldn’t have gotten otherwise, or giving us advice in a key area they’re outstanding in. We think those sort of, frankly, unfair advantages are going to take the great thing Space Ape already has going and turbocharge it. »

Supercell CEO Ilkka Panaanen adds: « We’ve known John, Simon and their team for some time now. We share their vision and passion to create games for the biggest possible audience. They want to innovate, take risks and aren’t afraid to make mistakes. We also know from our own experience that this vision needs a backer who thinks long-term and is patient. And, above all, one that trusts the team and stays out of the way.

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