Unpaid PGM For Northern Arena Event

Unpaid PGM For Northern Arena Event

Several of the parties involved in the Northern Arena Beat Invitational have not been paid by the event organiser.

The DotA 2 tournament took place November 10th-13th, 2016, and promised a $100,000 prize pool. It has now been reported, however, that three of the teams owed prize money have not yet been paid.

Representatives from compLexity, Alliance and Team NP told theScore that they had yet to receive payment. The teams are owed $2000, $4000, and $20,000 respectively. Northern Arena CEO Carl-Edwin Michel responded to theScore’s request for comment.

“We have already paid most of the teams. We are in touch with the remaining ones and made payment arrangement with them. One thing for sure is that we are committed to pay all the remaining teams and move on to our next events. We want to make good on our word and deliver even greater events this year.

We are a small startup company that relied heavily on sponsorships for the first year. That’s the reason why we are now on the verge of signing a big investor to sustain the future of Northern Arena. Northern Arena is the only Canadian company that is trying to build something sustainable for esports in the country and that’s the reason why we have the support of Bell Canada and other large Canadian and international companies.”

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