OWL Could Generate Hundreds of Millions

OWL Could Generate Hundreds of Millions
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It has been reported that investment management firm Morgan Stanley estimate that the Overwatch League could generate $100 million in annual revenue.

According to a report by Dot Esports, research by Morgan Stanley has concluded that Blizzard’s upcoming Overwatch League could generate hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even more incredible is the figure of Morgan Stanley’s peak estimated revenue. Though to reach this level would require a number of different factors to produce perfectly beneficial results, the firm reportedly estimate that the Overwatch League could, theoretically, produce as much as $720 million in annual revenue.

That sort of figure puts it in the company of entities such as the WWE, and 20% larger than Major League Soccer.

The report also estimates a minimum revenue of $20 million, even if the League should flop in most conceivable manners. Most likely, however, is a figure between the two extremes, with Morgan Stanley putting that number at $100 million.

That number apparently comes from four key sources, with content licencing and advertising accounting for the biggest portion, $32 million, and $30 million coming from sponsorships. To make up the $100 million figure, the remainder would come from ticket sales and merchandise, 13% and 27% respectively.

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