Occitanie E-sports will arrive in Montpellier Arena with ESL

Occitanie E-sports will arrive in Montpellier Arena with ESL
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ESL, the world’s leading esports pomoter, Montpellier Events and the FuturoLAN association, announced today that Occitanie E-sports will arrive in Montpellier on June 2 and 3. Organized in collaboration with the Occitanie region, it is to date the largest esports event in the South of France.

« We are delighted to host an event of this size. When ESL and Montpellier Events offered us the opportunity to become a partner of this event, we seized the opportunity immediately, » explains Carole Delga, President of the Occitanie region. ESL and FuturoLAN have proven this on several occasions. Occitania must be an example when we know that this region is already home to many companies in the video game industry.

« We immediately thought of Occitania when we started thinking about creating the biggest esports event in the south of France, » continues Samy Ouerfelli, Managing Director of ESL France. The numerous video game development studios present in this region make it a fertile ground for continuing to develop esports competitions in France. It is clearly the involvement of the region that gives us the necessary means to succeed in Occitanie E-sports.

During the event and in partnership with Riot Games, the ESL League of Legends Championship, official qualifying stage LoL Open Tour, will offer an extraordinary show on the great stage of the Sud de France Arena during the two days of the event. On the LAN Party, competitions on Fortnite, Hearthstone or Dragon Ball Figther Z are also on the program with the Gamers Assembly Occitanie Edition taking place throughout the event and gathering 500 players, becoming the largest LAN in the south. Visitors, in addition to all these activities, can also enjoy the exhibitors and animations in the ESL Expo area.

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