Minkonet Technology Helps Creators Penetrate Rapidly-Growing Gaming Video Content Market

Minkonet Technology Helps Creators Penetrate Rapidly-Growing Gaming Video Content Market
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According to a recent study by SuperData Research, nearly 700 million people across the globe watch gaming video content (GVC), surpassing the audience of HBO, Netflix, ESPN and Hulu combined. As consumer consumption habits evolve, especially among millennials and Gen Zers, traditional TV formats are being overlooked in favor of gaming-related live streams and interactive content. GVC comprises YouTube’s most sought after content, and popular video platform, Twitch, reports 15 million daily active users clocking in 355 billion minutes of footage watched yearly.

The compound annual growth rate of the GVC industry by 2019 is projected at 21 percent, further cementing its place as a dominant segment of the entertainment market. With a mission to help content creators produce and deliver high-quality GVC, pioneering 3D replay technology company, Minkonet, offers solutions that simplify gameplay capture and optimize playback for viewers across virtually any device. Given the current landscape, integrating live replay tools and entertainment options into legacy platforms could not only help traditional channels and services retain existing viewers, but also attract new audiences at scale.

Utilizing Minkonet’s newly patented (U.S. patent number: 9,906,818) data-recording and transmitting technology, creators can capture and manipulate the action from complex, interactive 3D gaming environments, to deliver more engaging video experiences. Advanced tools enable users to customize and control multiple camera angles and easily navigate between precise moments with fast forward, pause and rewind features. Due to the way the video is captured, replays can be viewed without slowdown or lag in any resolution – up to 4K – on any internet-connected device including mobile phones and set-top boxes.

“Gaming is a burgeoning segment of entertainment as evidenced not only by the millions who play daily, but also by the additional 665 million people who regularly watch live streams of gameplay,” said Gilbert Kim, President and COO of Minkonet. “We believe GVC’s popularity is due, in large part, to the fact that consumers are in charge of the creative process – the sheer volume of frag movies on YouTube will confirm that. Our goal is to continue supplying gamers with tools to capture and share epic gaming experiences, while at the same time providing an avenue for creators to gain a foothold in this massive, thriving market.”

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