2018 Madden NFL competitions broadcast by Disney

2018 Madden NFL competitions broadcast by Disney
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The Disney group, owner of ESPN, has signed a partnership with EA Sports to broadcast Madden’s Esport competitions on its network.

Present for almost 30 years on consoles, the Madden saga continues its transition in the world of sports with the signing of a partnership between the publisher EA Sports, the ESPN network and the Disney group (owner of ESPN).

This multi-year partnership will enable ESPN to have exclusive broadcasting rights for Madden’s esports competitions on television. In addition, some exclusive content, including player reports, will be broadcast on the Disney XD television channel, part of the Disney group.

Madden’s Esport stage has grown rapidly over the last three years, culminating in the introduction of the Madden NFL Championship Series. This championship brings together several leagues including the Madden NFL 18 Club Championship, a competition where players represent NFL (Professional Football League) clubs following an agreement between EA Sports and the 32 franchises of the league.

The first games are scheduled on ESPN2, where the best players will compete in Orlando, on the fringes of the NFL Pro Bowl 2018, the All Star Game of the famous North American league.

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