Company : Red Bull North America

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Job Location : Santa Monica, CA

Country : United States

Contract : Full Time

Salary : N/A

Job language : English

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To grow a credible and lasting voice within gaming, Red Bull is building an Esports program that leverages builds relationships, partnerships, and programs within the gaming and esports industry. In addition to identifying and creating opportunities within the gaming landscape, the Sr Programs Manager will be tasked with building relationships within the industry, working with top creators within the space, and building programs around these partnerships. Focus will be primarily around activating these relationships to bring value to Red Bull Sports Marketing Events, drive Red Bull Media House content, and grow Red Bull’s endemic presence within the industry.

All the responsibilities we’ll trust you with:


  • Develop and maintain relationships with key developers, publishers, and companies within the industry.
  • Design outreach programs to get product sent out to partners to ensure the industry is fueled by Red Bull.
  • Identify future opportunities for partnerships, content collaborations, and events for the team to support, activate, and build around.
  • Build a list of influencers and creators within the space that are strong brand fits and maintain relationships with them.
  • Drive studio activations around creators, creating opportunities for Media House to build content and tell stories around players in the space.
  • Define, achieve, and report on product seeding KPIs
  • Scout the future trends, players, and spaces on where Red Bull shows up in this rapidly changing landscape
  • Identify, attend, and support events of our partners and work with BUs leads to activate at these events


  • Work with the major online content platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch) to support their efforts of creator management
  • Partner with Red Bull content production and programming teams to create compelling event live broadcast formats and experiences around creator talent
  • Source, contract and manage on-air broadcast talent
  • Attend events where influencers attend to ensure Red Bull is showing up where the key players conjugate
  • Build a plan for a Red Bull affiliate network of creators to help build the future talent
  • Map gaming communities, who the key stakeholders are, and build the strategy on how we show up


  • Create and maintain detailed master timelines, budgets and execution plans for Red Bull eSports licenses and communicate with all stakeholders
  • Identify key games to partner with and work with the regional teams to build programs around those titles.
  • Identify new communities and places within the industry that Red Bull can credibly show in and support
  • Identify and build relationships with key leaders within gaming communities of which we have rights to the license (T. Os, content creators, mods, etc.)
  • Maintain a finger on the pulse of the indie gaming community to identify the next up and coming titles.


Skills and Experiences

7+ years in an Esports or Gaming related role

Deep understanding of competitive gaming landscape including relevant game titles and publishers/developers, esports athletes and teams, community gatherings and conferences, industry players, gaming media, key events and technology developments

Proven ability to design, document and efficiently communicate compelling developer relationship strategies

Strong understanding of eSports teams, stakeholders, and the workings of the industry

Solid project management skills with ability to drive planning, schedules, budgeting, resource management, collaboration and status reporting

Deep understanding of the gaming community as a whole as it pertains outside of esports

Driven sense of ownership and accountability with keen ability to know what needs to be done

Experience with the design and execution of integrated event marketing campaigns

IMPORTANT: In your cover letter, please include an explanation of why your experience is specifically relevant to this role at Red Bull. We want to see your personal style – what makes you tick and why you think your next opportunity is here with us.

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