Interview: Dan Biton, co-founder of

Interview: Dan Biton, co-founder of
Business eSports Interviews is a developing social betting platform that wants to change in the long run how streamers interact with their viewers. Stakrn met one of its co-founders, Dan Biton, to learn more about this innovative platform.

Q: Who is behind Gimbl, and how did you guys come up with this idea?

Dan Biton: Hello everyone, I’m Dan, one of the founders of Gimbl. I’m a French entrepreneur, and an international trade specialist, with a degree in business. I met Julien, which is a seasoned developer and graduate from the prestigious Columbia University, through our common interest for cryptocurrency. Through long business discussions, and sometimes video games, we started being friends. I’ve played a bit of CS:GO in my days, but Julien was actually an avid Starcaft player !

While watching a Fortnite finale together one day, I felt like one of the team was about to win, and I was ready to bet on it. Problem was: I did not have the possibility to bet. And that’s when we thought: maybe we can do something about that.

We did a bit of digging on the esports market, and we saw a clear need for a new product. One that could both help little streamers make ends meet and viewers have more fun. Introducing: Gimbl!

Q: Is Gimbl available already? Where can I get it?

Dan: Gimbl is currently under development, and we are working fast. You can expect a release first half of 2019. It is a web application that will be available both on desktop and mobile and through browsers extensions. For streamers, plugins will allow them to manage and create the interactions.

Q: How do you propose to make sure my money goes to the streamer?

Dan: All money transfers will be powered, and recorded, on a blockchain for everyone to see, using smart-contract. That means all transactions will be considered as a secured contract between the parties involved, to make sure everyone is protected.

Although the safety and recording usually represent a huge issue for gambling sites, the blockchain allows us to do this at a very small cost, turning one of our weaknesses in a strength.

Q: Why the name change?

Dan: Good question: our app was first called “Gimli”. But after working on it for a year, as our project took shape, we wanted to make sure its name could correspond to the identity we imagined. We had several meetings and discussions with esports professionals and pro-players and finally settled on the name “Gimbl”.

We put a lot of hard work in Gimbl, and with the help of very talented people, we are confident that we will change the way esports and video game livestreams are watched. We can’t wait to tell you more about it! Stay tuned for more news on Gimbl, in a few months.

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