Indie games submissions now open for Sweden Game Conference

Indie games submissions now open for Sweden Game Conference

Sweden Game Arena is happy to announce that the IndieCator submissions for Sweden Game Conference are now open.

Do you have a game you’d like to showcase at Sweden Game Conference and Festival that will take place in Skövde, Sweden in October 18-21? Submit your details for the IndieCator HERE for a chance to win one of the 12 free showcase spots in our venue, as well as two complimentary full Sweden Game Conference passes that include Gala Awards Dinner and also a submission to our brand new IndieCator Public Choice prize.

Sweden Game Conference IndieCator submissions will be open until October 1st, 2017. We will evaluate submissions continuously and announce the winners on October 9th, 2017.

About Sweden Game Conference
Sweden Game Conference 2017 takes place in Skövde, Sweden, in October 18-20. The event is followed by a one day games festival open to the public, called Sweden Game Festival, taking place in the same location on October 21. Sweden Game Conference 2017 tickets are available here.

The theme of Sweden Game Conference 2017 is “Experience the Future: Reimagining Games”, exploring how technology and creativity come together to produce original and distinctive experiences. With a focus on evolution and forward-change, we will explore how games are advancing technically and aesthetically together.

As one of the leading conferences in Europe aimed at game development students and start-ups, Sweden Game Conference’s focus is not only to cover business and development, but to include academia and research as well. In 2016, the event gathered 800 business participants from 19 countries and 5 continents and prominent speakers from all over the games industry, including Warren Spector, Fredrik Wester, Kate Edwards, Richard Bartle, Chris Avellone, David Gaider and many more.  Previous Sweden Game Conference lectures are available for free on our SGC Vault here.

About Sweden Game Arena
As Europe’s most vibrant cluster for game education, business, development and research, Sweden Game Arena provides opportunities to join, invest, study, research and profit. For more than a decade, our cluster at the heart of Northern Europe has been at the forefront of innovation in game education and incubation. This has been key to propelling Sweden, with a population of less than 10 million people, into one of the world’s top ten exporters of video games.

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