GOOGLE wants to get stronger on Gaming

GOOGLE wants to get stronger on Gaming
Video Games

With over twenty years of experience in the video game industry, Phil Harrison joins Google in a secret role.

Google has sent out a strong signal for a possible better positioning in the video game industry. Indeed, the American giant bought Phil Harrison’s services, a name that video game fans must probably know so well his Curriculum Vitae speaks for him: after more than fifteen years at Sony and a few freelancers at Atari and Gaikai, he joined Microsoft’s Xbox branch. In fact, it is thought that all the experience accumulated by this industry figure could allow Google to grow as it should on the video games side (notably via Google Play and its platform VR Daydream).

Phil Harrison preferred to announce the good news himself, directly from his Twitter account. He congratulated himself without much hesitation or precision about his real role in the firm. He is obviously being kept secret, even though he said that this was an « extremely special opportunity », coupled with an offer that he probably could not refuse.

In any case, last year, in an interview with Eurogamer, Phil Harrison declared his flames to augmented reality technology with which « you can still see, hear and interact with people but with more data, » unlike the VR that locks the user in. Perhaps he will work on the development of ARCore, Google’s AR platform.

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