FNATIC is joining Rocket League

FNATIC is joining Rocket League

FNATIC has officially announced its new Lineup on Rocket League. Here is the presse release.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines… FNATIC is joining Rocket League!

High octane, super fast-paced and one of the most exciting games around right now, RL has had potential pouring out of its hubcaps for a long time. It was an easy decision to make in getting involved and we’re taking the wheel with both hands!

I’m ecstatic that we’ve decided to move into Rocket League and I’m even more excited about the group of guys we’ve signed. – Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson (Team Manager)

Please join us in welcoming huge talents Nicolai ‘Maestro’ Bang, Alexander ‘Sikii’ Karelin and Nicolai ‘Snaski’Andersen!

Formerly of Leftovers, the Europeans have dominated Season 4 of the Rocket League Rival Series, locking in the second division’s top spot and qualifying for promotion playoffs with still one game to spare.

Unbeaten in the round-robin so far, the team has only dropped five total games throughout the competition. The only opponent left standing for a perfect season now is Endpoint, the British organisation who were our nearest challengers in second place.

You’ll be able to see the match live, tonight at 11pm CEST, for a first look at the boys in black and orange!

They’re extremely motivated, talented players and I’m confident we can achieve some great things in the months to come. – Colin ‘CoJo’ Johnson (Team Manager)


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