Opening of the 1st French MBA in Sport Business, Gaming & Esports

Opening of the 1st French MBA in Sport Business, Gaming & Esports

The parisian Business School ISG MSc & MBA is launching a Specialised MBA: « Sport business, Gaming & Esport » for the start of the coming school year in October 2018. This program, created under the leadership of Nadine Szyf-Beley, Executive Director, is an innovative pedagogy combining theory and practice to enable students to acquire real professional expertise in the sector in which they wish to start their careers.

Accessible after a Bachelor Degree, this 18-month training gives the opportunity to benefit from a personalized accompaniment and to develop its sensitivity to innovation and the spirit of undertaking.

Specialized MBA Sport Business, Gaming & Esport

The foundations and levers of Sport Industry are undergoing an evolution that tends to blur the boundaries between reality and virtual. This MBA raises awareness of new issues, gives all the keys to create and implement new business models. It also focuses on the evolution of players and users, consumers and regulatory constraints in order to better prepare entrepreneurs, business developers and marketers for tomorrow’s world sport.

A professional pedagogy brought by expert speakers including Boris Bergerot, President of Stakrn, spearhead of the esport in France and Alexandre Cadet, Director of Development MKTG Sport, in the sport and esport industry, business conferences and partners in the curriculum, Gameward, The Pawn, Stakrn and Vogo to name but a few, who are references in the sector.

What to remember

Sport, like any economic sector, follows the effects of globalisation, the sport economy in France amounts to nearly 35 billion euros.

Clubs, sports bodies, athletes, brands that communicate through sport must face the professionalization of the sector. The objective is to know how to decipher and transmit the different perspectives and opportunities available to students in this coveted but demanding environment, which requires the construction of an effective professional network.

The challenge is also to understand the history of the video game since its arrival in the 1950s and its various evolutions. With more than 2 billion gamers, more than 100 billion dollars in sales in 2017, the video game industry is becoming omnipresent. Esports (or electronic sport, the competitive practice of video games) is experiencing unprecedented growth, shaking up the codes of sport and video games. Understand the different types of sponsorship, the panorama of the latest developments in esports and understand what is emerging for the future, virtual reality, augmented reality, data analysis, Big Data, crypto-currencies, artificial intelligence…

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About Stakrn

Stakrn is a french company, with a worldwide staff, dedicated to promote eSports & Gaming industries and to generate opportunities within this space. With global services, Stakrn allows : - professionals to reach new partners and enhance their business ( - brands and eSports actors to make efficient sponsorship strategies ( - eSports event organizing: conferences, consulting, teambuilding....