Esports : Revenues per Stream (report)

Esports : Revenues per Stream (report)


The coming year will see the Esports Economy grow to $696 million, a year-on-year growth of 41.3%. Brands are expected to spend $516 million, broken down into $155 million on advertising, $266 million on sponsorship, and a further $95 million on media rights. Consumer spending this year on merchandise and tickets will amount to $64 million. The remaining $116 million is the total investment that game publishers will make into esports, the share that is not directly recouped by any of the other revenue streams. It illustrates that, for most game publishers, esports is currently not a pro table business. However, their investment is justified by the positive impact on game revenues and the future potential of their esports activities as a stand-alone business.

Source : NewZoo (2017 Global Esports Market Report)

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