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1A global service

The gaming culture has no limits. On Stakrn, stay informed, support, finance, share and participate in projects around the world and wherever you are. The eSports community is worldwide, and great ideas come from everywhere.


Today we want to participate, engage, move things by ourselves. Crowdfunding allows it.


Do you have an idea of eSports project? Just launch it on Stakrn: the whole community and everyone will see it and will make a contribution to help you. Contribution can start with € 5 and has no limit.

3Why Stakrn ?

Currently, you can find some eSports projects on different crowdfunding sites, among many and varied other projects: artistic, cultural, technological, humanitarian, sports, business...

Stakrn wishes to gather all your ideas on the same platform. The strength of gaming is its community, and we want this platform to be the spot of the development of eSports in Europe and worldwide. No need to search sites to help or develop a project: everything is here, centralized. A single address for all eSports and Gaming projects.

4What is eSports?

eSports or electronic sports is the practice of online multiplayer video games.CS:GO, League of Legends, DOTA, Hearthstone, Call of Duty… As well as soccer, tennis or swimming, eSports results in competitions where professional players compete individually or in teams. Games are played in stadiums, players win great rewards ("cash prizes"), teams are supported by thousands of supporters, goodies with images of games, stars and teams are created and sold…

South Korea is the birthplace of eSports; over there, it is an official sport that is part of the economy and of great interests of people. But this "gaming culture” begins to shine in the world: Gaming events are gaining popularity, competitions are organized, we talk more and more about eSports on TV and a debate occurs: is eSports a real sport?

At Stakrn we say YES: eSports is (more than) a sport. And we will prove it thanks to you and all the growing community of gamers and fans.


1How to register?

Registration is free. You just have to enter few informations with a valid email obviously!

Sign in

You can also connect with your Facebook or Google account in one click

2Why register?

To participate for free. You can freely consult Stakrn without being registered, but if you want to be part of the community, you have to join us.

It's easy, free and fast, no excuses. Once done, you can create, support and comment projects, receive the newsletter... in short, be part of the community.



A refund is made in following cases:

  • A project is canceled
  • the financing objective of the collection for a project is not reached by the deadline

So you have nothing to lose by supporting a project because if it gets enough money, it will be realized thanks to you and other contributors. And on the contrary, if the fundraising fails, you are fully refunded without charge by making a request

Terms and Conditions

A counterparty is a kind of "reward", something that you receive in exchange for your financial contribution. Basically, you support financially a project by giving an amount, and receive in return a "gift" from the project owner who decides what the community receives in exchange for a given amount.

3Collection monitoring

At any time, you can see the progress of any ongoing project by going to the page of the latter.

Note: A collection ends on a specific date, regardless of the amount raised.

4Means of payment

You can financially support a project by credit card or PayPal. All transactions are secure and require the same information as any other online payment.

By credit card:

Your support will be immediately debited from your account but will be available for the project sponsor only if the project reaches the financing objective:

Terms and Conditions

Otherwise, you will be fully refunded without charge after making the request.

We accept the following french or foreign credit cards:

  • Carte Bleue
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

By Paypal :

Support a project via PayPal requires that the project owner has enabled this option, and that you also own a Paypal account. Payments through PayPal are debited at the end of the collection if it has reached the required amount.


All currencies are accepted on Stakrn.

5Finance a project

Nothing easier ! On each project, you can see the time until the end of the collection, the financing objective and rewards offered in exchange for your contribution.

Once your choice is made, simply click on the chosen amount and you will be redirected to the Stakrn account creation page, then on a secure page to add your payment information.

6Discover projects

To find a project, you can put your mouse on "More" in the top right bar and then just click on "All projects". They are sorted by categories: cosplays, teams, gaming houses, goodies, LAN and streams.


1The Stakrn commission

Stakrn charges a 5% commission on the amounts collected. This commission allows us primarily to pay the financial costs associated with each transaction (VAT, banking online payment fees and expenses), to ensure the promotion of the collection campaigns, but also to run our services (site developments, IT security, etc.).

These costs do not change your payment amount.

2Get the collected money

To enable the project owner to get the raised funds, it is necessary that:

  • the project has reached the financing objective. Otherwise, see the specific provisions:
  • Terms and Conditions
  • the identity of the project owner has been checked and validated by the Stakrn team.

Raised funds are deposited in the bank account linked to the project from the first working day after the end of the collection.

For funds collected by PayPal (or any other online payment service), they are available on the first working day after the end of the collection on the account linked to the project. The project owner can make a transfer to another bank account.

3Promote your project

To effectively promote a project, you need:

  • Draft properly the fundraising page by inserting pictures and articles related to the project. Tell your story, raises awareness, and be vendor simultaneously.
  • Inform contributors to the advancement of the collection and the project.
  • Tell your family, your friends, your online community…
  • Have good communication on social networks.
  • Be innovative to promote your project; you can add a signature to your messages, tell about it when you play online...

At Stakrn, we believe in the strength of the community, so we do not offer a paid service to highlight a project.

4Present a project to your audience

This is one of the most important steps of your project. The more your project description will be complete and well presented, the more you'll be likely to have contributors!

To do so, you first have to select your status (individual, company or association), write an explanatory text, define the amount (and its currency) and a collection time and rewards for your contributors.

Of course, we advise you to give maximum information, detailing the project (explaining the use of collected funds), inserting pictures or articles related to the project.

The project page will be accessible and modifiable throughout the collection. Especially, you need this page to be catchy. Make appeal to designers, editors, amateur photographers around you - take the time to do a quality proposal because the credibility of your project depends on this.

5Set you collection financing objective

There is no limit of money for projects on Stakrn, there is only a time limit. For the project to be realized, you must succeed in reaching the budget target in time.

It is better to ask the minimum for the project to be viable, and since the collection stops when the time ended, you will have more money to carry out your project if it exceeds the amount requested.

6Launch a project on Stakrn

Click here and fill the project proposal form.

Launch your project

Then you just need to:

  • describe your project
  • set the financing objective
  • set the collection time
  • offer rewards to contributors

With those informations, the moderation team will decide whether your project is eligible or not.

Once your project validated by the team, you'll be able start your fundraising campaign thanks to an explicit, seductive and convincing page explaining your project.

7Who can create a project?

Everybody can navigate on Stakrn, but you must be at least 18 years to create or financially support a project.

8What kind of project?

Stakrn allows you to finance and / or launch a project for eSport and Gaming:

  • Organize LAN
  • Create quality cosplays
  • Get goodies for events, gifts, team promotion...
  • Move to a gaming house
  • Establish and support teams of passionate players
  • Provide quality streams
  • Develop and / or promote a video game

In explaining a project on Stakrn and organizing a fundraising, you can achieve it with the financial support of the community.


1Deactivate your account

To deactivate your account, just send us your request to privacy@stakrn.com - your account will be deleted by our team as soon as possible.

2Lost password

Well, you have little problems of memory? No problem, click here to receive an email that will allow you to create a new password. Change password

3Registration datas

At any time, you can change information entered during registration by contacting us.

If you log in with your Facebook or Google account, we do not retrieve any information other than your name and email address linked to the account in question. No publication from Stakrn will be posted to your social networks, unless you do it yourself.

Stakrn and Google Analytics statistics allow us to collect non-personal information to improve our site. If you do not want your login data is retrieved, you can ask a Google Analytics opt-out.

The only information we provide to third parties from time to time and if you authorized, are your Stakrn details transmitted to the project owner that you supported so that he can receive his funds and send you your rewards (if applicable), as well as Stakrn partners wishing to make you benefit from advantages.

In accordance with Articles 15 and 16 of Law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computers, files and liberties, the automated processing implemented on the Stakrn.com website is reported to the “Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés” (CNIL) under the number 1944733 v 0.

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