Stakrn, the 100% eSports and Gaming startup


A fast growing market

"The video game industry [and eSports industry by extension] experiences a growth of about 8.5% in 2016 compared to 2015."

According to the research firm Newzoo, Electronics Sport (or eSports) will generate a total of about $ 493 million in 2016, increasing 51.7% compared to 2015. This growing industry is expanding fast in Europe and worldwide with a multiplication of actors, events and games specifically designed to be competitive. France makes no exception with a growth of about 14% per year and the handling by the authorities for better recognition of eSports, and the gradual implementation of actions to guide and develop this discipline. The France eSports association (which will soon join Stakrn once statutes opened), illustrates this positive momentum. .

The video game industry is growing around 8.5% in 2016 compared to 2015, bringing the total sales to nearly $ 100 billion.
ESports and Gaming is one of the main markets in the world, with very optimistic outlook.


One company, 3 services

In this context of growth, Stakrn, the 1st 100% eSports & Gaming Business Accelerator, intends to play a key role to support, promote, develop and fund community projects.

Created and located in Montpellier, one of the most active cities in digital and video game economy, Stakrn is positioned on 3 innovative services:

  • "FundR" by Stakrn : Reward Crowdfunding service to help project owners expand their communities and finance projects such as LAN organization, cashprize, teams, streamers, events, indie studio financing, etc.
  • "HuB" by Stakrn : premium and international platform for visibility and BtoB business generation for eSports and Video Game actors (directory, jobs opportunities, PR, news, events, exclusive offers from our partners, etc.)
  • "SmartR" by Stakrn : Smart Gaming Sponsoring offer, to help eSports projects owners and sponsors get in touch.

Incubated at the Montpellier Business Innovation Centre, our startup is supported by many eSports and Gaming actors (SNJV, AFJV, FFJV, FrenchTech, Nitrado, warlegend, Team aAa, Gamers Origin, BeGenius, Kabal, etc.). A weight support from Samy Ouerfelli (Managing Director at Turtle Entertainment France) and Christophe Carniel (President at Vogo), both members of the Advisory Board, reveals the strong interest and potential of Stakrn activities.


A rich human adventure

Led by two web experts and entrepreneurs, Stakrn quickly surrounded himself with a team of industry professionals. With a range of services covering financing, sponsoring as well as BtoB projects and Video Game market business development (competitive or not), the startup already experiences a strong traction.

Investing in Stakrn is an opportunity to participate not only in a rich human adventure, but also to contribute to the international referent positioning of the the startup. With BtoB and BtoC targets, the company is positioned as a brand dedicated to the development of a booming industry still in the structuring process, and where Stakrn hopes to rapidly take a prominent place.

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