CLG and Overwolf partnership

CLG and Overwolf partnership
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Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is announcing today its partnership with Overwolf, the world’s leading platform for competitive PC gaming apps. The partnership brings exclusive League of Legends in-game play tips and build guides developed by CLG’s professional esports players to the Overwolf app Legendary Builds.

League of Legends players who add the Legendary Builds app to Overwolf will be shown in-game suggestions and recently played builds by CLG pro players while they play League of Legends. This will make it easier for LoL players to play at the best of their ability. The app also shows personal tips given by the CLG players.

“Our apps help gamers play at their best,” said Uri Marchand, Overwolf’s co-founder and CEO. “The Legendary Builds app is like having your pro friend sit next to you and personally coach you on LoL strategy and item builds. The CLG team has always inspired me with their players’ unique stories about grit and passion.”

“We take pride in our players’ personal stories and how they fought their way up to the highest levels of play,” said John Spiher, Director of Business Development at CLG. “With the Legendary Builds app, our community can now follow our players’ recommended build strategies and tips so that they can climb the ranks in League of Legends. The Legendary Build app gave us a great way to give back to our community by helping them level up their game.”

Legendary Builds app is available for free in the Overwolf Appstore. For more details visit:

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