Ceferin (UEFA President): « Esports and video games are our competitors »

Ceferin (UEFA President): « Esports and video games are our competitors »
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On Monday, Slovenian lawyer and current UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin acknowledged the reality of electronic sports. In Ceferin’s words, it is « just another opponent » for the beautiful game.

« It would be naive not to realize that eSport, video games or Netflix are all our competitors. » he said at the UEFA Congress in Bratislava (Slovakia) on Monday.

« We are faced with competition from other sports and other activities that capture the imagination of the next generation », acknowledged the President of the European body in his speech in the gallery.

« The world in which our young people live is both virtual and global. We can’t afford to let the train pass us »,  he insisted.

Richard Scudamore, the boss of the powerful English Premier League and his record-breaking TV rights of €2.3 billion a year, made similar comments a year and a half ago.

Invited in August 2016 to designate which sport or competition could compete with the lucrative English championship, he had scored « video games of all kinds » and « community and interactive activities ».

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