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eSports, millenials and media

ESL is the largest eSports company in the world today with 13 different brands providing competition across over a dozen different video games around the globe. ESL Chairman Steven Roberts will discuss the lessons learned from an advertising and sponsorship activation standpoint over the years, and how non-endemic brands can connect with this global audience. […]

+ 8M Viewers for LCK Finals

This weekend the finals of four of the League of Legends’ five major leagues have took place: the EU LCS (European League), NA LCS (North American League), LCK (South Korean League) and LMS (Taiwanese league).

Top Grossing Titles by Categories (17/03)

The worldwide digital video games market grew 7% in March compared to last year, to a new high of $8.0 billion. The mobile segment continues its upward trend, growing 13% year-over-year. Conversely, the pay-to-play segment continues its slow contraction, dropping 6%. Console and free-to-play grew slightly year-over-year this month; PC and social segments are relatively […]