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New Fighting Game ARMS On Switch

Nintendo’s unique new fighting game is now available in stores and in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch console. Since being revealed back in January, the fast-paced game starring fighters with extendable Arms has gained quite the following, with fans all over the world already debating their favorite characters and actively participating in the recent Global Testpunch demos to get a taste of what the game has to offer.

Blazing Griffin Welcomes New Talents

Blazing Griffin welcomes four new additions to the games division, Sean Wenham – Senior Artist, Jenny Thornton – Senior Programmer, Alex McFarlane – Programmer and Claudia Fiorillo – Marketing Officer.  Our fifth new addition includes group Financial Controller, Catriona Ewen.

ASUS Tournament ROG Masters 2017

From now through November, ROG Masters 2017 is set to engage CS:GO and Dota 2 communities in every continent simultaneously in a monumental tournament designed to advance the ROG Masters mission: seeing the potential of esports realized in every corner of the world.