Who’s the most prolific Team on CS:GO?

Who’s the most prolific Team on CS:GO?
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We, at Stakrn, are always delighted to see the growth of esports industry around the world. The competition between game publishers is every day more exciting. New video games are sometimes disturbing the balance of the different « Tiers » (who could have predicted that the audience of PUBG would exceed one day that of LoL on Twitch?). Prize pools, sponsors & fan-base are probably the key elements of this fast growing market.

Today, let’s have a glance to the CS:GO teams in order to analyze the top#30. According to esportsearnings website, the global prize pool distributed to the top#30 CS:GO teams, reaches $31 990 352. The team Virtus.pro is #1 with $2 605 358 earned and NRG Esports closes the rating with a $252 424 global prize pool.


The number of tournaments varies according to the arrival of each team at the professional level, from 28 for Gambit to 141 for FNATIC.


But if we pay attention to the ratio between the global prize pool and the number of tournaments played to win those confortable amounts, the danish team Astralis seems to play his cards, being the most prolific CS:GO team. Is it the reason why the brand Audi renewed its confidence as a title sponsor?

The following graph bring into relief that Astralis is the most prolific team (top#4 with only 40 tournaments played), with an average prize pool of $55 811. The best ratio for the moment, thanks to the victory last year of the ELEAGUE Major and other great tournaments.

prolific ratio csgo prizepool

To notice: the good ratio of FaZe Clan ($40 314 per tournament), Gambit Gaming ($38 719) and SK Gaming ($36 008)


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