9th God for Krosmaga (Ankama)

9th God for Krosmaga (Ankama)
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Ankama is staging its ninth god in the game Krosmaga, which is being enriched at the same time, with its first extension: « Necros and Paladirs« . Kick-off on Wednesday, June 28th.

More than 150 new cards making up the first extension of Krosmaga, the online collectible card game created by Ankama. Launched in February, this « divinely strategic » card game is welcoming its ninth godEnutrof, « the Great Scrooge ».

He’s a god whose disciples spend most of their time digging to unearth treasures – so much so that they end up freeing some evil creatures: the Necros. The only ones capable of fighting them, the Paladirs, are valiant warriors who try to hold back the threat.

Naturally, the Necros and Paladirs have given their name to this extension, whereas the arrival of the god Enutrof introduces new gameplay to Krosmaga.

About the Ankama group

Ankama is an independent company which creates, publishes and distributes works of entertainment worldwide. From video games to board games, from animations to mangas, it controls the production chain of its creations from A to Z. Known for its MMORPGs and the animated series DOFUS and WAKFU, part of a vast universe called the Krosmoz, it achieved its first full-length feature film in 2016, DOFUS – Book I: Julith.  Among the many strings of its bow: the board game Krosmaster Arena, its figurines and its online version; the video games Tactile Wars, King Tongue, and DOFUS Pogo, on smartphone and tablet; but also mangas and comics such as Mutafukaz, Maliki, City Hall, Radiant, and Freaks’ Squeele. Indeed, since 2004, following the principles of transmedia, the Ankama teams have been creating universes developed through several stories and in several formats, thereby offering their communities of players, readers and spectators a full and immersive narrative experience across all popular platforms. At Ankama, every story is unique, but they are all interconnected.

To get an idea of what’s going on at Ankama, you should take a look at: DOFUS Touch, tablet and smartphone version of DOFUS, released in late 2016; Krosmaga, a collectible card game mixing combat and strategy, planned for the first half of 2017; and the animated series WAKFU, whose fans will be presented with a third season in late 2017.

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