+ 8M Viewers for LCK Finals

+ 8M Viewers for LCK Finals
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According to data presented by eSports Charts, the match between SK Telecom T1 and Rolster kt has been the most viewed of final the weekend.

This weekend the finals of four of the League of Legends’ five major leagues have took place: the EU LCS (European League), NA LCS (North American League), LCK (South Korean League) and LMS (Taiwanese league). With the final of the Chinese league yet to be disputed and taking advantage of the large number of major matches that have concentrated in a few days, eSports Charts has presented in detail the viewership data for each of the regional finals.

According to the group of analysts, the final has gathered the most audience — by a great margin — has been the derby of the Korean league in which the world champions SK Telecom T1 faced the super team of kt Rolster.

LCK: 8.7 million concurrent viewers

Not surprisingly, this was the most watched game of the weekend. It is accepted throughout the entire world that the LCK is the most prestigious League of Legends league and no lover of the competitive scene would want to miss the match.

The rivalry between these two squads goes back to the era of StarCraft and exists beyond esports. Both clubs fight in the Korean leagues of handball and basketball, and it could be assumed that the match would arouse great interest among the local fans. However, the Korean audience have been nothing more than a small fraction of the total audience, with 83,000 concurrent spectators at the highest peaks.

Chart of concurrent spectators of the LCK finals

Chart of concurrent spectators of the LCK finals @eSportsCharts

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