“4Cast” A Weekly Esports Show

“4Cast” A Weekly Esports Show

Interest in esports is skyrocketing with millions of fans around the globe watching the action and cheering for their favorite players and teams. To provide this global audience with the high-quality programming they demand, American Leisure Holdings, Inc.s’ (OTC: AMLH) GG Media Network, is launching “4Cast,” the first weekly highlight, news and commentary show focusing on esports and the world of gaming.

“GG Media Network has assembled a strong team to host the show and selected correspondents who will provide humorous, informative and insightful takes on the world of esports and gaming,” said Christian Bishop, chief executive officer, GG Media Network. “In looking across the spectrum of programming today, we saw a gap when it comes to high-quality news, information and entertainment for the esports community. Our new show, “4Cast” is designed to close that gap and connect people with the content they love.”

The Team:

•    Host Alex Corea: Known for his work on “The Attack,” Alex will bring a genuine fan’s perspective to the show, adding levity and connecting the audience to the more humorous side of gaming and esports.
•    Host Kimberly Crossman: Actress, writer, producer, Kimberly Crossman, brings her love of esports and comedy to the show. She will engage viewers with the types of questions and insights on every gamers mind.
•    Correspondents: Rounding out the show is a team of correspondents including Lauren Compton, Curtiss Frisle, Sinead deVries, Frauq Tauheed, Pauline Yasuda and Henry Watkins.

Show Segments Will Include:

•    Top News Stories: Hosts report on the top esports news of the week
•    4Cast Focus: An in-depth feature story on esports tournaments and emerging industry trends
•    4Casters 4Cast: Some of the biggest names in esports predict the outcomes of upcoming tournaments and provide expert insights
•    4Cast 4Noobs:“4Cast’s” Noob Caster takes a popular game and explains how it works
•    Nerf/Buff of the Week: Hosts highlight one positive and one negative change in an esports game, deemed large enough to be considered the “Nerf” and “Buff” of the week
•    Rage Quit: An esports insider gives a “rage-filled” commentary on a hot-button issue
•    The Rundown: A recap of the scores of the major tournaments of the week

The series has been developed in partnership with well-known actor, director, writer and esports legend Travis Oates, recognized for his work as one of the original co-hosts of the G4TV program “Arena,” a competitive gaming show with Wil Wheaton.

“In consideration of the ‘4Cast’ concept we looked at all the things we as gamers want and worked to create a show that delivers exceptional content in a fun and energizing format,” said Oates. “When watching ‘4Cast,’ our audience will get the news they need along with plenty of laughs.”

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