$1 billion on esports ads by 2021

$1 billion on esports ads by 2021

More than 6 billion hours of competitive video games were watched last year, according to a new report by analysis firm IHS Markit. That’s 19 percent up from last year but apparently not enough to convince advertisers to fully commit, the study suggests. The date, slated to be released later today, was quoted in advance in an article by the Financial Times.

Significant fragmentation is holding esports back as a sizable advertising business. Esports viewership might be huge on the global scale, but on a country-by-country comparison, viewership remains smaller than many traditional sports.

That said, esports’ demographic is highly attractive for non-endemics. Brands like Audi, Visa, or Vodafone have all made partnerships with the best teams in the world.

“The audience might be small, but within its demographic, it is overindexing versus traditional sports on TV,” FT quotes IHS analyst Dan Cryan, one of the report’s authors.

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